President Joseph E. Aoun

On the importance of preserving Northeastern traditions:
“This is a legacy, a legacy given to us by all our alumni. We are here today because of what they have achieved, and Northeastern, from the beginning, was a place very connected to the world. We did it through co-op and experiential education…We said the best way to learn about the world is to test it and to integrate the classroom experience and the world experience through co-op.”

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Huskies vs. Red Sox in Fort Myers, Florida

President Aoun with Joan and Francis, MS'59, Gicca at the 6th annual Huskies vs. Red Sox Cookout and Spring Training Game in Fort Myers, Florida in February 2009.

On Northeastern's leadership in experiential education:
“Co-op is a statement about how people learn. We are saying in order to learn, you need to integrate study and practice. That’s a very different approach from the approaches you see in many other universities, or most universities. And that’s our signature, and we are a leader in co-op and experiential education. In fact, we are the leader in co-op and experiential education. And what we have done is always, throughout the years, look at new opportunities to strengthen this co-op and experiential education.”

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President Aoun's Inaugural Address

President Aoun gives his Inaugural Address on March 26, 2007 as the seventh president of Northeastern University.


President and Recent Graduates

Alumni, parents, and friends pose with President Aoun at the Grad-itude reception in March 2007.

On the significance of Northeastern’s alumni and friends:
“Northeastern today is a product of what every alum has done and has shaped. It’s not only the former presidents and the current president. It’s not only the trustees. It’s not only the provost and the deans and the staff and the faculty, but each alum. What we are seeing here, what keeps this place humming and being very exciting is the fact that people recognize that the education that they received was different and special, and very powerful and relevant.”

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President Aoun leads the One Campaign

President Aoun led the One Campaign, an alumni engagement initiative that reached over 2500 alumni worldwide in March 2009.

President Joseph E. Aoun


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