Nuboku Cleary, James Turner, Patricia Hannah and Milton Greenfield - The Voices of Northeastern

President's Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Northeastern University’s oral history project, The Voices of Northeastern.

This project captures the recollections of former students, faculty, and friends and preserves them for the benefit of future generations. While listening to these compelling remembrances, a common thread emerges: overwhelming pride in Northeastern and excitement about our momentum today.

On these pages, alumni, faculty, and friends share many thoughtful insights about Northeastern. Many people recall the value that their cooperative education experience had in helping them to launch successful careers. Others talk about the positive impact our research enterprise has had on society through the decades. Others note the amazing physical transformation that our campus has undergone over time, and the positive changes this brings to student life.

Each voice tells a piece of our amazing story. This journey began on the upper floors of a Boston YMCA and continues today as we seize new opportunities as a preeminent global, experiential, research university.

Northeastern University is able to do great things, only because we have a strong foundation from which to build. It is our alumni, faculty, and friends who have made our current achievements possible, and I sincerely thank those who are helping us to capture, and record, the great spirit of this institution.  

Joseph E. Aoun