Frederick Brodsky, BA'66

Fred Brodsky

A highly successful business manager and entrepreneur, Frederick Brodsky graduated from Northeastern’s College of Business Administration in 1966 with a degree in business management. Fred has been serving the Northeastern Corporation since 1988 – first as an overseer, then a trustee, and now a trustee emeritus.  He is the founder and current president of the Dallas-based International Investment Advisors, Inc./Frederick Brodsky Company, a real estate investment and development corporation that has managed land development projects for corporate and private clients around the world.

During his more than 40 years in the business industry, Fred has also worked for the high technology and venture capital industries, and is currently on the business board of directors for Banc Texas Richardson, Scotty Instruments (OTC), the FREY Group, the DASOL Corporation, and the Morse/Diesel Corporation.

Fred attended Northeastern with the help of generous scholarships given through the Ayling & Travelli Scholarship Program, a scholarship for faculty-nominated students who demonstrate financial need, maintain an above-average GPA, participate in extracurricular activities, and display good campus citizenship. Since graduating and finding success in his field, he and his wife, Darla, in turn have become benefactors to Northeastern, supporting the Brodsky  Brodsky Trustee Chair in Business Administration and other areas that benefit the university and its students.


Fred Brodsky, 1966

Fred Brodsky's senior portrait, 1966.


In addition to being an active Northeastern alumnus, Fred is also committed to animal advocacy. In 1984, he founded PETNET, a computerized lost and found system for pets in Dallas County, Texas, and was the organizer and founder of Operation PRIDE, a successful international effort to rescue and relocate three African lions from Mexico City in 1995.

He and Darla currently live in Texas and Massachusetts.

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