Frederick Brodsky, BA'66

On learning about Northeastern when in the military: "I was in the military when I heard about Northeastern. I was in the army at Fort Dix, New Jersey. I had tried college once before when I thought I wanted to be an astrophysicist. Not my forte ... I joined the army reserve and there were a bunch of guys from New England in my unit and they talked about Northeastern and co-operative education. I really liked the idea."

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Fred with Northeastern University President Joseph Aoun

Fred (left) with Northeastern University President Aoun upon being appointed a university trustee emeritus.

On his co-op experiences at Northeastern: "The first year was in New York, Bache & Company on Wall Street. Then I worked in Boston for one semester. But then the remaining three years was with the Lincoln Mercury Division of Ford Motor … There were eight guys all sharing a house. We were all in Division A [co-op rotation]. And after exams we piled into our cars and would drive out to Detroit, get in the next morning, meet at a coffee shop, read the newspaper, rent a house, move in, and go to work that Monday morning."

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Candid of Fred in his senior year

A candid shot of Fred (right) during his senior year at Northeastern.

On his student experiences at Northeastern in the 1960s: "The campus was the quad, the Krentzman Quad. There was no concept of landscaping or beautification. I lived in a fraternity house my first year in Jamaica Plain. We didn't have student dorms. There were a few, but not very many. Then the second year I got an apartment with a bunch of students, guys, and that's where we lived for the remaining four years that I was at Northeastern."

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On how the Ayling & Travelli Scholarship program made his Northeastern education possible: "My ability to attend Northeastern was because I was a Travelli Scholar. Travelli was very supportive of me ... I ran out of the limited funds I did have in the second half of the second semester. I called the administrator, Terry Anderson, and told him that I had a problem. They were incredibly gracious and sent me money to allow me to complete."

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Fred at Corporation dinner

Fred speaking at a Northeastern University Corporation dinner.

On why he and his wife, Darla, have supported Northeastern for decades: "I think the thing that allows me to support Northeastern is having been to college once and failed. And coming back, Northeastern gave me an opportunity for a quality education that allowed me to be successful in my life. In order for others to have the same opportunity, you have to give some of that back, and so Darla and I are doing that. We have enjoyed watching the growth and the development of Northeastern ... The school is on a great path."

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On his many interactions, since being a student, with presidents of Northeastern: "President Knowles was great. He was incredibly personable and took Northeastern up about four levels in terms of the quality of education ... and Ryder, I was off campus then and did not have a lot of interaction. As far as Jack Curry is concerned, I liked him very much. He came in probably during the most difficult time in Northeastern's history ... Joseph [Aoun] has done a lot to further improve the discipline and the professionalism and enchance its recognition as a quality school in the United States and now internationally."

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This interview is available in its entirety in the Northeastern University Archives. Photos: Fred Brodsky, University Libraries Archives and Special Collections Department. Compiled by Jessica Melanson.

Fred Brodsky


A highly successful business manager and entrepreneur, Frederick Brodsky graduated from Northeastern’s College of Business Administration in 1966 with a degree in business management. Fred has been serving the Northeastern Corporation since 1988. He is the founder and current president of the Dallas-based International Investment Advisors, Inc./Frederick Brodsky Company, a real estate investment and development corporation.

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